3D Printer Filament Brands Database

Below is a database list of 3D printer filament brands complete with general information about each of them. We have provided our evaluation of these brands as well as our recommendation about whether to buy them or not.

This list is updated continuously so check back often for updates. Leave a comment below with brand information for us to include in the next update.

You can download the the latest version of the full database with much more information about each brand here:

Buy NowBrand NameDescription
2PrintBetaSmall-medium sized company, general filament, 3D printers and
Check On Amazon3D Art
Check On Amazon3D artist supply
Check On Amazon3D Best-Q
3D Dynamix Ltd.Small one person company, general filament
Check On Amazon3D FuelEco-friendly, specialty filaments
Check On Amazon3D Hero
3D Maker World3d printers, general and specialty filaments, accessories
3D Printer StuffSmall company, general filament
Check On Amazon3D PrintlifeEco-friendly, specialty filaments
Check On Amazon3D SolutechGeneral filament seller
Check On Amazon3D SystemsFounded 1986, 2015 Valuation = $666 million
3D-Printer-Filaments.comSmall supplier, general filament
Check On Amazon3DDPlus
3DistributedSmall supplier, general filament and printer accessories, 3D
printer services
3DKarmaWebsite being updated
3DMaker.vn3D printers and accessories provider
3DomVenture by 3d-fuel, 3d dom USA
3DPrinterGearFull 3D printers and accessories provider
3R3DTMFilament manufacturer, bulk orders, private-label, product
A2APrinterE-commerce store, owned by A2AWeb Solutions Inc. webdesign
company, 3D printers, parts, and accessories
Check On AmazonAbilith
Actifil 3DMade by Capifil
AdafruitOpen source hardware, microcontrollers, DIY, 2014 revenue =
Afinia3D printers, specialty and general filament distributor, Owned
by Microboards Technology, LLC.
Check On AmazonAIO
Check On AmazonAlchementGeneral and specialty filaments
Check On AmazonAlgix-3DEco-friendly, general and specialty
Check On AmazonAmolen Shenzhen
Amolen technology development Co.,Ltd is establish in 2017,
AmphilogicFounded 2004, filaments distributed on Forefrontfilament.co.uk
Check On AmazonAnpro
Check On AmazonAnycubicDelta 3D printer supplier
Check On AmazonAoou
AtomicGeneral filament producer
Check On AmazonAvee
BCNdynamics / BoloberryGeneral filament supplier, Barcelona
Check On AmazonBellissi
Bits From BytesAcquired by 3DSystems in 2010
Check On AmazonBlack Magic 3DSpecialty filament manufacturer
BnkAntimicrobial Filament manufacturer
BootsIndustries3D printer and general filaments supplier, Kickstarted in
2013, Acquired by Graphene 3D labs in 2014
BotMillAcquired by 3DSystems in 2011
BrightCN (esunPLA)eSUN owned website
Buy 3D InkGeneral filament and resin supplier, simple ecommerce website
Check On AmazonCC3D
Check On AmazonCCTREE
CD-writer.comGeneral filament and 3d printer supplier
Charlie's 3D TechnologiesSmall company, General and specialty filaments
Citizen Scientific WorkshopSmall ecommerce site, possibly innactive
Check On AmazonColorFabbIndustry leading general filament manufacturer
Check On AmazonColorthread
Check On AmazonComgrow
Cool ComponentsElectronics supplier, also sells 3d printers and 3d filament
Check On AmazonCreker
CutequeenAmazon only
Cycloid SystemBrand is subassembly.in, general filament supplier,
czechreprap.eu3rd party General filament and electronics supplier
Das FilamentGeneral filament supplier
Diamond Age Solutions Ltd.Small general filament supplier, Close ties to the RepRap
Check On AmazonDikale Founded in
2017, Huashang Trade Supply Chain (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
Check On AmazonDO3D
Check On AmazonDockwellgeneral filaments
Check On AmazonDremelpower tool manufacturer
Check On AmazonDuramic
E3D3D printer parts and accessories
Check On AmazonEchen
EckerTech Inc.General electronics supplier
Check On AmazonElephant TechnologyInnactive (Amazon brand)
eMotion TechGeneral and specialty filament and 3d printer supplier
Envision TecSLE and other printers, printer materials and services
EOSLarge DMLS 3D printer manufacturer, founded in 1989
Check On AmazonEryoneChinese 3d printing company, sells general filaments
Check On AmazonESUNGeneral and specialty filament manufacturer; buy through a 3rd
party distributer
Check On AmazonET
fabberworld.comGeneral 3d printer and filament supplier
FaberdasheryPremium PLA filaments only, close ties to the reprap project
Fabrications Of The MindInnactive
fdplasticsColor concentrate supplier
FELIXprinters.com3d printer and printer materials supplier
Check On AmazonFilabotEco-friendly, small, manufactures filament and home extruders
Check On AmazonFilacube
Filament FactoryInnactive
Filament InnovationsSmall, open-source, specialty filaments
Filament OutletAmazon only, small orders and bulk orders
FilamentiveEco-friendly, general and specialty filaments
FilamentPrint Ltd.Website redirects to Amphilogic website
Filaments.caManufacturer and distributor, general and specialty filaments
FilamentshopGeneral filament supplier, sells filament per 100g coils
Check On AmazonFilamentumOwned by Parzlich, a Czech plastics company;
FilamexOwned by Zip Tech, general filaments
Check On AmazonFindmall
Check On AmazonFlashForgeLarge 3D printer manufacturer, general and specialty filaments
FolgerTechSmall company, general filament supplier
Check On AmazonFormFuturaFilament manufacturer, supplier
FormlabsFounded 2011, MIT Media Lab, raised $3 Million on Kickstarter
and $35 Million in 2016, close ties to Fab@Home
FullerexNano-materials consulting, working with filamentprint UK on
graphene filaments
FunctionalizeSmall scale, specialty conductive filament manufacturer
Future is 3D, TheInnactive
Check On AmazonFYSETC
Check On AmazonGeeetechChinese 3d printing company, sells general filaments
German RepRap FoundationGerman filament distributor
Check On AmazonGincleey
Check On AmazonGizmo DorksMedium sized filament distributor
Check On AmazonGP3DOwned by Green Project inc., general 3d printing company,
filament distributer
Check On AmazonHATCHBOXGeneral filament supplier, imports filament from china
Check On AmazonHello3D
HICTOP3D printer and 3D printer filament company, run by HIC
Check On AmazonHobbyKingMedium sized eSUN filament distributor
Check On AmazonIC3DMedium sized filament distributor
Check On AmazoniEagleAmazon only filament brand
Check On AmazonIglide
iGo3DEcommerce website, 3D printer and filament reseller
Check On AmazonIMLUCKY
imprimante3DFrance.com3D printer and filament reseller, ecommerce
Inaxpo, INX3DPRINTGeneral filament supplier
Check On AmazonInfinity 3D
Check On AmazonInlandGeneral eSUN brand, sold by Microcenter
Check On AmazonInnofil3DGeneral and specialty filament supplier
Inventables3D carvers, materials for carving
Check On AmazonIronbuddy
Check On AmazoniSANMATE
Check On AmazonJetGeneral filament supplier
Check On AmazonJG Aurora
Check On AmazonJGMaker
JustPLAGeneral filament supplier
KBell EnterprisesGeneral filament supplier, sold on ebay
Check On Amazon Kehuashina
Check On AmazonKodak
Check On AmazonLianTao
Check On AmazonLulzbot
Check On AmazonMagic Cat
Check On AmazonMakerbot
Check On AmazonMCHYI
Check On AmazonMG Chemicals
Check On AmazonMiKa3DGeneral 3d printer and filament supplier
Check On AmazonMonoprice
Check On AmazonNovamaker
Check On AmazonNulaxy
Check On AmazonOctave
Check On AmazonOTOT
Check On AmazonOvertureGeneral filament manufacturer, makes its own filament, not a
Check On AmazonParamount 3D
Check On AmazonPolymaker
Check On AmazonPopo
Check On AmazonPriline
Check On AmazonPrimaCreator
Check On AmazonPxmalion
Check On AmazonRepkord
Check On AmazonRepRapper
Check On AmazonRilitor
Check On AmazonSainSmart
Check On AmazonShengtian
Check On AmazonSovol
Check On AmazonSoyan
Check On AmazonStronghero3D
Check On AmazonSunluZhuhai Sunlu Industrial Co., LTD., Founded in 2013, Chinese
supplier, General filament manufacturer, sold by Easy3D on Amazon
Check On AmazonSunTop
Check On AmazonSuperfila
Check On AmazonTacTink
Check On AmazonTecboss
Check On AmazonTianse
Check On AmazonTronxy
Check On AmazonTruBlend
Check On AmazonTTYT3DHigh quality, wide range of colors and materials
Check On AmazonVertexbot
Check On AmazonXvico
Check On AmazonYousu
Check On AmazonYOYI
Check On AmazonYuntech
Check On AmazonZHUOPU
Check On AmazonZi-Rui
Check On AmazonZiro

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