Best 3D Printer Bed Surface And Adhesion Methods

When it comes to successful 3D printing, it all boils down to having a good first later. And to ensure a good first layer, you should use the best 3D printer bed surface that you can find.

The surfaces on this list will help the filament stick properly the first time.

3D printer build surfaces can be made from metal, acrylic, and even glass. They usually have an added layer on top to help the filament to stick.

So, if you want a project to look great, using the best 3D printer build plate is a must. Our top pick is BuildTak because they sell some of the highest quality bed surfaces around. But the others on the list are worth checking out as well.

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Best 3D Printer Bed Surface

1. BuildTak 3D Printing Build Surface

Best 3D Printer Bed Surface

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Product overview

BuildTak has been a leading brand of high quality 3D printer bed surfaces for many years. They have an impeccable record of high perfomance and long lasting adhesion.

That means you will be able to use these surfaces for many prints before they wear out.

This BuildTak 3d print surface is a square sheet measuring 8 inches by 8 inches. Installation time is shorter than other sheets, comparatively.

But the best part is the price, since they are cheaper than many other brands of build surfaces.

Key Features

Here are a few of its key features:

  • BuildTak surfaces are durable which allows multiple uses no matter what filament you choose to print with.
  • The single sheet design takes less time to be installed. It also has fewer bubbles than films or tape.
  • It is compatible with PLA, ABS, PET+, HIPS, wood, brick, and TPE filaments.
  • The 3D printer BuildTak sheet sticks to the print bed which helps the filament to stick while printing.
  • It also enables clean and efficient removal when the print is finished

What a lot of customers like about BuildTak is the fact that it is quick and easy to install. Beyond the normal range of filaments, you can also use the build surface with t-glase or nylon after you apply a small layer of washable glue stick.

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2. Velleman K8400-BT BuildTak 3D Print Bed Surface2

Best 3D Printer Bed Surface

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Product overview

The K8400-BT bed surface is very easy to attach to your printer bed. Apart from being long-lasting, it is also heat-resistant, which means you can be sure that the surface won’t warp under the heat of the plastic or heat from a heated printer bed.

Key Features

Here are a few key characteristics of the Velleman bed surface:

  • This 3D printer build surface is very durable.
  • You no longer need to deal with hair sprays and masking tapes
  • Smooth surface so that the underside of prints isn’t rough

One of the best things about this BuildTak surface is that it is smooth and won’t leave a rough finish on the underside of printed objects. And because the surface is heat resistant, it won’t wrinkly the way that tape will when it expands an contracts on heated printer bed.

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3. Gizmo Dorks PEI Sheet

Best 3D Printer Bed Surface

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Product overview

PEI sheets provide a 3D printer build surface that doesn’t require any tape, adhesive, or slurry. PLA, as well as ABS, sticks really well to the surface.

As a result, you don’t need support rafts for better adhesion.

This surface is one of the most popular build surfaces because it is so reliable.

Key Features

Here are a few more highlights:

  • It is the ideal surface for printing PLA and ABS as well as other filaments
  • The 3D object is printed directly onto the surface without using any tape or additional adhesives.
  • You can install it quickly on top of build platforms of several different sizes with a little trimming
  • The sheet can be used for numerous prints.

The one thing to keep in mind with this surface is that you will need to wipe down the sheet using isopropyl alcohol between prints to get the best results.

This flexible build plate sheet comes with a blue protective film that guards against against scratches during transportation and shipping. You just need to remove the film before you use the PEI sheet.

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4. Signstek 3D Printer MK2 MK3 Heated Bed

Best 3D Printer Bed Surface

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Product overview

The best surface to print onto is a glass surface. Often, glass alone is enough to get a good printing surface, and you don’t need to augment it with any other adhesives. This is exactly what the 3D printer bed glass sheet by Signstek offers.

Here are some highlights:

  • It is made using tempered glass with a high transparency value
  • This heated bed surface has a high binding power when it is being heated. And the printed plastic parts pop off of the glass easily when it is cooled.
  • Many 3D printer bed adhesive surfaces warp when heated an cooled, but this glass plate won’t change shape at all

Since tempered silicon glass has a better rating for higher temperatures as compared to normal glass, it is more suited for use with a heated bed. While other surfaces will warp as they expand and contract on a heated printer bed, tempered glass won’t change shape or wrinkle.

This 3D printer build plate is also easy to use and clean. You can simply pop it on and off of the printer bed whenever you want, and it is dishwasher safe.

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3D Printer Bed Adhesives

Even the best 3D printer bed surface work better with a little help from 3D printer bed adhesives. BuildTak sheets and glass printer beds can definitely benefit from a having a layer of glue stick applied on top of it.

We didn’t include hairspray on this list because it is a bit messier that these other adhesives, but if you want to give it a shot, go for it. Hairspray is a super popular option as well.

Blue Painters Tape

Best 3D Printer Bed Surface

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Blue painter’s tape is a classic 3D printer surface adhesive. Basically, you just cover the printer bed in tape, making sure to keep it as smooth and level as possible, and then start printing.

The tape a slightly rough surface on top that filament adheres to more easily than super smooth surfaces like glass. That ensures a good first layer and helps to minimize curling on your project’s corners.

Elmer’s All Purpose Washable Glue Sticks

Best 3D Printer Bed Surface

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Glue stick is also a classic 3D printer bed adhesion material. You can apply a layer of washable glue stick on your 3D printer bed and plastic will get glued to the surface of the bed as it comes out of the extruder.

Such glue can be easily wiped off with water when used on aluminum and glass 3D printer build surface.  That allows for easy clean up after you are done printing.

For more 3D printer accessories, check out our full 3D printer accessories guide.

Final Thoughts On The Best 3D Printer Bed Surface

There are tons of different options for 3D printer bed surfaces, but the surfaces and accessories on this list are some of the most reliable, tried and true 3D printer bed surfaces out there.

They work really well in combination with each other, too. Blue painter’s tape and glue stick are two of the best adhesives for 3D printing available, and they are super cheap.

Hopefully this list was helpful. Let us know in the comments what your favorite 3D printer bed adhesion materials are.

Happy printing!

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