CAD Software Database

Below is our Database of CAD Software including compatible operating systems and requisite experience level. Many of the programs below have free options.

The full database is also available for download. It contains more than 100 programs including file formats and prices.

Check back often for updates and leave a comment below with information to include in the database.

CAD SoftwareLevelOS
3D BuilderBeginnerWindows, Windows Mobile, Xbox One, and Windows Hololense
3D CrafterBeginnerWindows
3D SlashBeginnerWindows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi or Browser
AntimonyIntermediatemacOS, Linux
Art of IllusionIntermediateWindows, macOS and Linux
AutoCADAdvancedBrowser, Windows, macOS and Linux
BlenderAdvancedWindows, macOS and Linux
BRL-CADAdvancedWindows, macOS and Linux
CATIAAdvancedWindows, macOS and Linux
CREOIntermediateWindows, macOS and Linux
FreeCADIntermediateWindows, macOS and Linux
Fusion 360IntermediateWindows, macOS
Houdini ApprenticeAdvancedWindows, macOS, and Linux
LibreCADBeginnerWindows, macOS and Linux
MagicaVoxelBeginnerWindows, macOS
MeshmixerIntermediateWindows, macOS and Linux
OnshapeAdvancedWindows, macOS, Linux and Browser
OpenSCADAdvancedWindows, macOS and Linux
QCADIntermediateWindows, macOS and Linux
RhinoAdvancedWindows, macOS and Linux
SculptrisIntermediateWindows, macOS
SketchUp FreeIntermediateBrowser
Smoothie 3DBeginnerBrowser
SolidworksAdvancedWindows, macOS and Linux
SolveSpaceIntermediateWindows, macOS and Linux
TurboCADBeginnerWindows, macOS and Linux
Wings 3DBeginnerWindows, macOS and Linux

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