SainSmart Filament Review: Top Quality, Good Price

SainSmart Packaging

SainSmart filament is made by an electronics supplier from China. The company sells many different parts and accessories for DIYers and makers. Their filament is very good for a stripped down manufacturer. There are no frills about SainSmart filaments, but they get the job done, and the price is right. Introduction SainSmart is an amazing, … Read more

Push Plastic Filament Review: 3D Printer Filament

Push Plastic masterspool

This is a decidedly positive Push Plastic filament review. Push Plastic is an Arkansas-based company that makes high-quality filaments for a relatively cheap price. The company sells 100% USA-made products and has been around for a long time. This is a brand you can trust. Push Plastic makes fantastic PLA and ABS, but it is sometimes … Read more

3D Printing Post Processing Techniques

Gizmo Dorks print

One of the advantages of making objects yourself with 3D printers is that you can customize them using 3D printing post-processing techniques. That includes making sure they look exactly the way you want them to after they are printed. After all, many objects come off the printer bed with visible layers, rough surfaces, discolorations, and … Read more