3D Printer Filament Comparison Guide

This 3D printer filament comparison guide covers 15 materials used in 3D printing. While the most common materials for 3D printing are plastics, many other materials can be used for 3D printing as well. Check out our complete 3D Printer Filament Buyer’s Guide 2020 for more information on materials used in 3D printing. In this … Read more

The 8 Best PLA 3D Printer Filament Brands

Every 3D printer filament brand claims to be the best PLA filament brand in the world. And many filaments are very good. But which 3D filament really IS the best? Check out our top recommendation: Hatchbox PLA There are no regulations or quality control standards in the filament industry. That means that filament brands can … Read more

Best Antimicrobial Filament: Antibacterial Filament Buyer’s Guide

Antimicrobial filaments solve one of the major problems with regular filaments like PLA, ABS, and PETG: they can’t be completely sterilized. That means that most filaments are not useful for medical applications. Even printing kitchen items is an iffy prospect. The problem is this: as thermoplastics cool and harden, microscopic holes and cracks form on … Read more

Best Nylon Filament Brands And Print Settings

The best nylon filament brand is undoubtably Taulman 3D. Not only did Taulman invent nylon filaments, but they make a range of different types of nylon filament, and each has different properties. We especially recommend the Taulman Bridge Nylon filament for these reasons: Even tolerance at +/- 0.05 mm Performance grade that can be used … Read more

Glossary of 3D Printing Terms

3D Printed Plastic Objects 3D Printing Terms

3D printing terminology is often technical and obscure. Use this Glossary of 3D printing terms to find the definitions of (almost) all common terms as well as many uncommon terms.  The glossary includes terms related to 3D printing, additive manufacturing more generally, and rapid prototyping. For a shorter list of just the most common terms, … Read more