Best CAD Programs: 135 CAD Software Applications


This list contains the 135 best CAD programs available today. CAD (computer-aided design) applications allow users to build 3D models for a variety of use cases. Many 3D CAD software applications are highly specialized for specific industries and uses. There are CAD programs for everything from 3D printing and education to architecture and aerospace engineering. … Read more

Garage Dehumidifier: Best Dehumidifier For Garage Workshops

Trying to figure out what size dehumidifier for garage or workshop you need? Or are you looking for a good garage dehumidifier that will last for years? Then you’ve come to the right place. Many workshops need a dehumidifier, especially garage workshops, but also workspaces in basements and warehouses. Almost every maker or professional craftsman … Read more

CAD Software Database

CAD software

Below is our Database of CAD Software including compatible operating systems and requisite experience level. Many of the programs below have free options. The full database is also available for download. It contains more than 100 programs including file formats and prices. Check back often for updates and leave a comment below with information to … Read more