Filabot Filament Review: DIY Filament Extruder

filabot owner

If you care about the environmental impact of 3D printing, you should know about this company. Filabot specializes in filament and filament extruders so that you can recycle your own plastic into filament at home. These Vermonters are so dedicated to environmental friendliness that they have even sell their waste filament for a few dollars … Read more

HIPS Filament: Complete HIPS 3D Printing Guide

HIPS filament (High Impact Polystyrene) is a support material for stabilizing prints that cannot stay in one position while being printed due to their shape or design. Not all HIPS is the same quality or price, though. One common complaint about bad HIPS filaments is that they leave a residue behind after they are dissolved. … Read more

PLA vs ABS: PLA And ABS Comparison Guide


Many different materials are used in the 3D printing, but the most common plastics are ABS and PLA. But what are the differences, and when should you choose PLA vs ABS? As we mentioned in our review of best PLA filament brands, there is a lot of misinformation about PLA out there. For instance, some articles recommend … Read more