The Best Flexible 3D Printer Filament Brands

Best Flexible 3D Printer Filaments

The best flexible 3D printer filament can be used to print some very cool objects, like prosthetic limbs and customized cell phone cases. But in order to make these objects, you will need to use the correct settings as well. Each flexible filament is different. Some are semi-flexible, others are more elastic. Some are medical … Read more

3D Printer Filament Brands Database


Below is a database list of 3D printer filament brands complete with general information about each of them. We have provided our evaluation of these brands as well as our recommendation about whether to buy them or not. This list is updated continuously so check back often for updates. Leave a comment below with brand … Read more

3D Printer Filament Comparison Guide

This 3D printer filament comparison guide covers 15 materials used in 3D printing. While the most common materials for 3D printing are plastics, many other materials can be used for 3D printing as well. Check out our complete 3D Printer Filament Buyer’s Guide 2020 for more information on materials used in 3D printing. In this … Read more

The 8 Best PLA 3D Printer Filament Brands

Every 3D printer filament brand claims to be the best PLA filament brand in the world. And many filaments are very good. But which 3D filament really IS the best? Check out our top recommendation: Hatchbox PLA There are no regulations or quality control standards in the filament industry. That means that filament brands can … Read more