Ultimaker Filament Review: Fantastic Quality

Ultimaker Filament Review: Ultimaker is a premier 3D printer manufacturer and producer of 3D printer filament. Operating out of the Netherlands and founded by a pair of Dutch engineering students, Ultimaker is devoted to bringing 3D printing into the mainstream and creating a localized manufacturing revolution. Like ColorFabb and other high end Dutch filament producers, … Read more

Wood Filament Guide: 10 Best Wood Filament Brands

Corkfill wood filament

It’s super important to use the best wood filament you can find when printing wood. Quality matters a lot when printing with wood filaments because they aren’t the easiest filaments to print with. It takes practice and the last thing you need is low quality wood filament while trying to learn. Otherwise, check out these … Read more

ColorFabb Filament Review: High-Quality Producer

ColorFabb logo

Welcome to the ColorFabb Filament Review. This is a review of the entire company, but test results are coming soon. ColorFabb is one of the best filament brands in the world. As a premier Dutch filament producer, ColorFabb guarantees precision quality filaments for your most important prints. Their filaments are expensive but worth it. These … Read more

MakerGeeks Filament Review: OFFICIALLY SHUTDOWN

THIS MAKEGEEKS FILAMENT REVIEW IS A MEMORIAL UPDATE: As of February 2019, MakerGeeks is out of business. FEEL FREE TO VENT YOUR ANGER IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW Here is a farewell message they sent to one of their customers: “Thank you and for sure… unfortunately we had to close our doors officially this last … Read more