Hatchbox Filament Review: Best 3D Printer Filament

Hatchbox benchy

Hatchbox is the most popular filament brand on the market today and for good reason. The Hatchbox team has worked hard to streamline every aspect of its operation. Hatchbox filaments have received over 50,000 positive reviews on Amazon.com and widespread praise from experts across the 3D printing community. One independent poll of 287 3D printer … Read more

eSUN Filament Review: Cheapest Filament

eSUN filament is the most popular and widely distributed of all of the cheap Chinese filaments. Each distributor of eSUN has a different standard of quality though, so make sure you find the right one. We recommend eSUN PLA filament because it is hands down the best value for money filament out there. It is … Read more

Eco-friendly 3D Printer Filaments Reviewed

Eco-filament filament review

Eco-friendly 3D printer filaments are on the rise. One of the great benefits of 3D printing is that it is better for the environment than other forms of manufacturing. It’s fun to make your own stuff, and the idea that you can reduce pollution and be more eco-friendly by do so is very exciting. That … Read more